Local producers in the Vallalta join forces.

Local producers and craftspeople agreed to join Vallalta Experiències as they support the association’s commitment to sustainable and more participatory tourism offers in the three villages that make up the Vallalta.

On April 8, the second of a series of official welcome meetings for new members of Vallalta Experiències Association took place (meetings with limited capacity and compliance with all Covid security measures). 

The meeting was held at the Masia «Can Jordi del Montnegre» in Sant Iscle de Vallalta, a space with its own charm that represents the character of association.

In this meeting, local producers showed that working together as an association will achieve a greater tourist appeal and with this, a more assertive positioning of their products.

The board of Vallalta Experiences Association encouraged participants to invite all creative people, artisans, and local producers with high quality products to be part of this project. The project is intended for the whole of the Vallalta and neighboring towns, given that the Vallalta is the only green space that connects sea and mountains in the whole Maresme. It’s a project that will grow with the support of all its partners, with the purpose of introducing the Vallalta as an eco-tourist attraction that offers high quality experiences. 

During the meeting there was an interesting brainstorming of cross-marketing and circular economy. The need for proximity and knowledge between partners to give fluidity to the collaboration and to achieve the necessary synergy so that together we can come out of the pandemic stronger than before was especially addressed. 

At the end of the presentation, the new members had the opportunity to taste some of the quality local products of Vallalta Experiències partners. 

The next meetings will be aimed primarily at restaurateurs, artisans, creatives and artists.

The Vallalta Experiències Association continues to search for people who share its vision for the future of the Vallalta. If you are interested in attending send an email to:vallaltaexperiencies@gmail.com

About Vallalta Experiències

We propose to promote the only area that connects the sea and the mountains that remain in the Maresme, and unites the three villages, Sant Iscle, Sant Cebrià and Sant Pol.

La Vallalta has renowned natural resources, gastronomy, local products, typical culinary proposals, artisans, artists, etc. So we can offer a range of cultural proposals, literature, music, theater, and craft workshops with a local and international cultural diversity … and all this in a unique natural environment in the Maresme.

We are a non-profit association that seeks local producers, artisans, artists from any field of culture, hospitality and gastronomy companies, and creative people from the Vallalta, who want to join and participate with a proposal of sustainability and of quality for the Vallalta.

If you want to be part of this initiative, create new opportunities and synergies between us, become a partner!