Three villages with an eco-friendly proposal

La Vallalta can become an eco-tourist attraction in the international arena, offering culture, gastronomy, crafts and hiking.

On March 11, the first of a series of official welcome meetings for members of the Vallalta Experiences Association took place; each meeting with limited capacity due to COVID. The first meeting was held in «El Bosc de les idees» (Sant Cebrià de Vallalta), a place that represents the level of quality intended in this project.

In addition to welcoming new members, the members discussed the need to offer high quality visitor experiences in the Vallalta.

María José Rosa García, President of Vallalta Experiències, encouraged the participants to support the aims and values ​​of the association.

Dr. Diane Dodd, President of IGCAT (International Institute of Gastronomy, Culture, Arts and Tourism) supported the initiative and noted that the area has been continuously threatened with mass tourism projects.  She spoke of the efforts by Salvem La Vallalta Association, which since its inception has fought for the conservation of this unique green space, which connects sea and mountains, the only area of its kind left in the Maresme.

The partners unanimously agreed on the need for alternative tourism options that offer quality, and provide opportunities to local artisans, small-scale local food producers, creative people and artists living in the area.

Sandra Mares, Vice-President of Vallalta Experiències, emphasized the exceptional diversity of cultures and talents that coexist in La Vallalta, and explained that the aim is to draw up a guide that includes all these proposals in order to to promote high quality events.

Vallalta Experiències is looking for artists, craftsmen, musicians, hiking guides, accommodation providers, local producers and restaurateurs who wish to join this project.

About Vallalta Experiències

The aim is to safeguard the only area that connects the sea and the mountains that remains in the Maresme, and unites the three villages of Sant Iscle, Sant Cebrià and Sant Pol.

La Vallalta is rich in natural resources, gastronomy, local products, typical culinary proposals, artisans, artists, etc. We can therefore offer a range of cultural proposals, literature, music, theater and craft workshops combining local and international cultural diversity … and all this in a unique natural environment in the Maresme.

We are a non-profit association that seeks local producers, artisans, artists (from any field of culture), restaurants and lodgings and any creative people from the Vallalta, who want to join and participate with a eco-friendly and quality offer for the Vallalta.

If you want to be part of this initiative, create new opportunities and synergies between us, become a member now!