Activating circular economy values in La Vallalta

Guides, workshop leaders, artists with an exceptional diversity of cultures and talents can help to activate the circular economy of La Vallalta.

On 29 April, the third and last official information session to welcome new members and anyone who wants to join the Vallalta Experiències Association took place.

The meeting was held at Sant Pol’s famous Hospitality School, hosted by it’s Executive Director, who is also a member of the association, Lluís Serra. He explained that the Association, apart from being an important tool for conserving the area, could also help to reactivate the hospitality sector in the area, which has been very hard hit by the pandemic.

Sandra Mares, Vice-President of Vallalta Experiències explained that so far we have been in the process of discovering the creative potential of La Vallalta. Later on, all the information will be consolidated in order to offer workshops, concerts and hiking routes to visitors in the area.

María José Rosa García, President of Vallalta Experiències, added that with everything we have, La Vallalta could become an eco-tourism attraction at an international level, offering culture, gastronomy, crafts and hiking. This opinion was shared by Ana Losantos, Sant Pol’s Councillor for Culture, who met with the Association’s Board before the meeting started in order to get to know the project better and to show her full support on behalf of Sant Pol de Mar’s Town Council.

In addition to welcoming new members, the meeting provided the opportunity to discuss issues such as membership fees, essential for the involvement of members and necessary for the sustainability of the association. The remuneration of workshop leaders; possible ways of collaborating with local producers and restoration companies was also discussed. Eva Lleonart, a new member of Vallalta Experiències, insisted that it is very important to spread the word to new members and that between all of us we share expenses to ensure the smooth running of the Association.

The Association wants to offer a proposal that falls within the concept of circular economy – in order to benefit all small, medium and micro enterprises in the area. In doing so, we hope to meet the need for high quality experiences increasingly demanded by visitors to the Vallalta. Participants agreed to support the objectives and values of the Association.

Dr. Diane Dodd, President of IGCAT (International Institute of Gastronomy, Culture, Arts and Tourism) applauded the initiative and pointed out other examples of APPS, Portals and tourist guides that have jointly promoted territorial areas through a wide-range of experiences.

The partners unanimously agreed on the need to work together to raise awareness of the creativity in the Vallalta.

Vallalta Experiències is looking for artists, artisans, musicians, hiking guides, accommodation providers, local producers and restaurateurs who wish to join in this project. If you want to be part of this project, you can find out more on the website:, in the km0 shop in Sant Cebrià or contact the President.

About Vallalta Experiències

We propose to promote the only area that connects the sea and the mountains that remain in the Maresme, and unites the three villages, Sant Iscle, Sant Cebrià and Sant Pol.

La Vallalta has renowned natural resources, gastronomy, local products, typical culinary proposals, artisans, artists, etc. So we can offer a range of cultural proposals, literature, music, theater, and craft workshops with a local and international cultural diversity … and all this in a unique natural environment in the Maresme.

We are a non-profit association that seeks local producers, artisans, artists from any field of culture, hospitality and gastronomy companies, and creative people from the Vallalta, who want to join and participate with a proposal of sustainability and of quality for the Vallalta.

If you want to be part of this initiative, create new opportunities and synergies between us, become a partner!

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