Death day, Mexican tradition – October 30 th

We bring to La Vallalta the intensity of Mexican culture.

This experience is a compendium of Mexican culture: artisan workshop, traditional gastronomy and folk music.

Take a walk on the diverse cultures of ancient Mexico and the roots of its customs through the centuries. It is the best way to understand one of the most curious traditions in the world: Death and the celebration of the night of the faithful departed.

We will make a piece of craftsmanship that will be the memory of this experience. Mexican crafts speak of strength, of essence, of dedication that passes from generation to generation, of lifestyles and creative hands, of artists and dreamers … Create is to leave a mark of our passage through the world, it is to pour out feelings and emotions in one piece.

Let yourself be seduced by the contrast between sweet and salty in the quintessential Mexican cocktail: La Margarita!

Immerse yourself in a world of flavors, colors and textures typical of Mexican gastronomy.

Mexico sings of love and heartbreak, enjoy the voice of Sandra Mares singing traditional Mexican music in an acoustic concert.

  • Death from the Mexican perspective
  • Craft workshop “La Catrina” (typical Mexican skull)
  • Margaritas’ Workshop
  • Typical Mexican food
  • Live Mexican music by Sandra Mares




Masía con encanto located in Sant Cebrià de Vallalta

Date and time

Saturday, October 30th at 11’00h.

If you are a closed group and want a specific date, get in touch with us!

Cost: 98,00 € per person


5 hours

Time to start activities 11’00h

End of the experience 16’00h

Number of participants

Reduced groups

Experience the colors, flavors and

the sounds of Mexico …

Take a look at whats the meaning of the

“Death” in Mexican culture