Breathing Nature – December 18th

Stop Breathe Relax Restart

We propose you to put the brakes on your life and go back to the beginning of the journey.

Forget for a moment the hustle and bustle, the agenda, the phone, the work and everything that makes your life go fast.

We will activate our five senses and tune in to the exuberance that nature has to offer.

We will be impressed by the intrinsic beauty of everything that surrounds us along this walk… rock formations, smells and colours of the native flora and fauna of Vallalta.

We will do yoga exercises that will allow us to awaken the body and condition it so that through proposals of corporal expression we can flow to the encounter with nature.

We will remove the veil that clouds us and open our consciences with this experience.

We will shake off the bad energies!

The feeling will give us a deep experience of the present

Meeting point

Parc de les Bases

Date & Time

December 18th, 11.00h.

We also offer the possibility of organizing this experience for closed groups requiring a particular date… CONTACT!

Contribution: 55,00 € per person


2 – 3 hours

Meeting time to start the activities 10’00h

Small groups