SEMINARI CULTURAL – Albert Sànchez Pinyol – October 21th, 23th and 24th

The secret of the great stories.

Narrative Structures in literature.

The philosophy of the Forest of Ideas includes continuous training and the exchange of knowledge as an essential tool for personal and cultural growth. That is why we have started a cycle of courses and seminars in collaboration with the Riudelletres Project with which the friends of the Bosque de las Ideas will be able to improve their skills, grow personally, learn and share.e Forest of Ideas will be able to improve their skills, grow personally, learn and share.

Course Program

  • We will not explain how a story is written; We will explain how all the great stories that have been and will never be written are written, and why they have captivated millions and millions of readers. It is a statement as emphatic as it is true.
  • And because? First, because those who begin to write do not have to go through the same ordeal that others had to undergo before them. And second, and more important, to enjoy reading, movies and television series twice.
  • Why do we like good stories so much? How are they imagined and created from scratch? How is an argument developed? How is a plot correctly articulated? How does a story have to start and end because it is successful? They are capital questions, because, contrary to the more generalized perception that considers stories as a tool of leisure without transcendence, the fact is that without narrative we would die.
  • The stories do not make us better people, but they exercise a higher function: they make us people. You think about your childhood and the texts that explained what the world was like. Or in dreams: the narrative fact is such a powerful drive that every night… we tell stories to ourselves! For this reason, riding on anthropology and starting from very diverse examples: from the stories of the African Mbuti to Kafka’s Metamorphosis, from Moby Dick from Melville to Spielberg’s Shark, from Don Quixote to A Game of Thunder, enter altresrevelarem the secret of all the stories that make this world, abysmally and horrifying, a bearable place.


El Bosc de les idees. Sant Cebrià de Vallalta.


October 21th, 23th & 24th


Catalán – Spanish

Course price: EUR 280 per person.

As a special promotion, in the case you come with someone you share, the price for this second person is EUR 230. This accompanist may attend courses with the same advantages as the first holder or may simply spend the weekend sharing hours out of the course.

  • Payment form: EUR 50 deposit to register, Once we have received the registration, we will send an email with the precise instructions for full payment. To cancel you have 48 hours to get a refund. (seats are limited).
  • Arrival in the Ideas Forest from the first day at 16:00.
  • The Forest of the Ideas exits at least late until the last day at 16:00.
  • The teacher will choose the course subject in advance, but to adapt to the group needs the subject may vary.
  • A week earlier, we’ll create a Whatsapp group to pull doubts and proposals. At the end of the course weekend we will drop the WhatsApp group.
  • Minimum enrollment, 6 people.
  • Maximum enrollment, 12 people.
  • Squares will be reserved for strict payment order of the foreta.


BIOGRAPHY: (Barcelona, 1965) is an anthropologist, Africanist and writer. He has written novels such as The Cold Skin (The Bell, 2002), Pandora in the Congo (The Bell, 2005) , Victus (The Bell, 2012) or Fungus (La Campana, 2018), short story books such as Thirteen Sadtits Tr).ngols (The Bell, 2008) and essays such as Pallass and Monsters (La Campana, 2000) and recently one on narrative structures with the title The Elementary Structures of the Narrative (The Bell, 2021).