Let’s make art out of nature

Total connection with nature …

We will work on the one hand with the nature connection, the discovery of the natural environment and on the other hand values ​​such as sustainability.

We will focus on the cyanotype technique, one of the first photographic printing techniques in history, based a type of photographic paper that allows the shapes of nature and the sun light, captured on a blue background.

We will make «Mandalas», we will form animals, we will create art with shapes and textures … all with elements of nature.

Our daily actions have impacts on nature. Now more than ever, we believe that the environmental education is very important.

The natural environment of La Vallalta is very rich, we want to make it known, and with it, value it, understand it, love it and protect it.

Humanity has always shared a close bond with the natural environment

Meeting point

Sant Iscle de Vallalta

Data & Time

We organise this experience on demand and also for closed groups that need a specific date. CONTACT!

Contribution: 55,00 € per person


2 hours aprox

Meeting time to start the activities 10’00h

Small groups