Mystery Route. Sant Pol

Mystery lies beneath the surface, where you least expect it...
Sant Pol is no exception.

Guided by a connoisseur of the history of the town and the paranormal legends of Sant Pol, we will take a walking tour of the places in the town that, due to their antiquity, have accumulated legends based on dramatic events, tragedies and deaths.

Let this experience be the key that allows you to discover the apparently peaceful corners of this coastal town, full of places marked by stories of phenomena, apparitions, footsteps and noises with no apparent explanation.

An unconventional proposal that will connect you with the most mysterious essence of Sant Pol and which you won’t regret.

Mysterious legends that endure over time

Meeting point

Parc Litoral de Sant Pol

Data & Time

We organise this experience on demand and also for closed groups that need a specific date. CONTACT!

Contribution: 38,00 € per person


2 hours

Small groups