Natural Cosmetics

La Vallalta is a natural environment rich in flora with multiple natural properties

With the help of an expert in medicinal plants in the area, we will explore the forests of La Vallalta and learn about the particularities of these species of herbs, first to make a choice of them and later creating essences with them using the Alembic.

Alembic, the alchemical instrument that extracts the aromatic essence of plants to finally produce the precious natural cosmetic products.

Rosemary, broom, heather, black gorse, catnip and broom heather are examples of some of the most common local herbs, with medicinal, therapeutic, diuretic, cleansing, anti-inflammatory, digestive benefits and healing among many others.

The essence of nature at our fingertips!

Meeting point

Castellar d’Indies

Data & Time

We organise this experience on demand and also for closed groups that need a specific date. CONTACT!

Contribution: 65,00 € per person


3 hours

Small groups