• Activating circular economy values in La Vallalta
    Guides, workshop leaders, artists with the exceptional diversity of cultures and talents can help to activate the circular economy of La Vallalta. On 29 April, the third and last official information session to welcome new members and anyone who wants to join the Vallalta Experiències Association took place. The meeting was held at the Sant Pol’s Hostelry School, hosted by the Director of the school and member of the association, Lluís Serra. It was explained that the Association, apart from being an important tool for conserving the area, could also help to reactivate the activity of the restoration sector in the area, which has been so hard hit by the pandemic.
  • Three villages with an eco-friendly proposal
    On March 11, the first of a series of official welcome meetings for members of the Vallalta Experiences Association took place, meetings with limited capacity due to COVID. The meeting was held in «El Bosc de les idees» (Sant Cebrià de Vallalta), a place that represents the level of quality intended in this project.
  • Local producers in the Vallalta join forces.
    Local producers and artisans, the most recent partners of Vallalta Experiències, have demonstrated their commitment to alternative tourism, betting that it will be a more participatory tourism for the three villages that make up Vallalta.