Our vision

Vallalta Experiències

We hope to safeguard the only green valley left in the Maresme, that connects the sea and the mountains, as well as, unites the three villages of Sant Iscle, Sant Cebrià and Sant Pol.

«La Vallalta» is rich in natural resources, gastronomy, local products, traditional cuisine, crafts, artists, etc. We can therefore offer a range of cultural proposals from literature, music, theater, and craft workshops by combining local and international cultural diversity … and all this in a unique natural environment in the Maresme.

We are a non-profit association that seeks to work with local producers, craftspeople, artists (from any field of culture), restaurants and lodgings – uniting the creative people from the Vallalta, who want to join and participate with eco-friendly and quality offers representing the Vallalta.

If you want to be part of this initiative, create new opportunities and synergies between us then we invite you to join us as a member!


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