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12th December

A Christmas Pop-up took place in Can Jordi del Montnegre farmhouse in Sant Iscle of Vallalta.

The evening night counted on the presence of Rubén Loyola, from Fadisnark Sweet S.l, Sant Iscle de Vallalta, a family of local producers of Christmas “neulas” which is a traditional biscuit tube that has been eaten during the festive season for more than 160 years in Catalonia.

Ruben led a workshop where he demonstrated and then invited guests to make their own “neules” – the process was extremely funny because the technique to make “neules” is not as easy as it might seem!

The event was brought to life by singers from the Barcelona Conservatory, led by the acclaimed soprano Marta Mathéu. The concert included a repertory interpreted by Andrea Martí Llaó (soprano), Andrea Magías Jiménez (soprano)  and Laura Riembau Morales (pianist).

22th September

We visited the staggered streets of old hull of Sant Pol, have been admiring its modern constructions and the old Indianas houses, made by Joan Mestres Romà. We have heard about old stories of the village during the path, in charge Marta Romà.

At an intimate and special moment, we have lived in La Casa de los Pescadores, with Joan Manuel Serrat themes interpretation, on Sandra Mares voice.

16th June, 2021

Magical afternoon of meeting of all Vallalta Experiéncies partners.

The meeting has been in El Bosc de Les Idees, wonderful palce in La Vallalta, and a symbol of begging of the <<experiences>> and <<Pop-ups>>, Albert Pla (Sant Cebrìa mayor) cut the starting ribbon.

Memorable musical performances from artists such as Sasha (cello), Scott Alberts (vocals and banjo), Aleix Perales (vocals and guitar) and Sandra Mares (vocals and guitar).

Relaxation with Tibetan bowls by Carolina Meneses, laughter and humor through yoga with Elisabeth Werlen, and an endearing theatrical participation by Jordi Pujades.

We have enjoyed a sample of the works of our artisans, as well as the tasting of wines, beers and products made by hand by the members of Vallalta Experiències.

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